A Moment of Your Time

By Amy R. Babcock

Originally written on February 10, 2019

Mired in mud

Throw a rope, a twig, something, anything

all this helpless hopeless striving

stability token

all seems so broken

the teeth within reach

but they’re dull

no one, not one, anyone


the anger, they anger, no…. she

oh, this cursed time of reflection

backtrack the direction

you think you understand

what was that?

You don’t know who I am

Lost in a sea of try and why

And in the end….

In the end no one understands the virility, the vernacular

So much is silence

But isn’t that always the case?

This space, the place, you think you can….

Even when they don’t…


It’ too loud in here

The grip gives

And all that’s left is


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