The Science of Spiritualism

By Amy R. Babcock

Originally published in on September 10, 2019

Most humans see time as a linear concept. The past is what happened, the present is what is happening, and the future is what will happen. Easy enough. In the limited human mind, time is seen as a construct that is traveled along, as if it were a tangible filament. Given this way of thinking, there are those that believe it might even be possible to traverse backward along this thread to the past, wherein events can be altered. For me, this whole system, this whole idealism, should be thrown out as a falsehood. In my many years of studying a variety of scientific and religious disciplines, I found that keeping these two as separate entities in constant battle with one another, is not only unnecessary, but unreasonable.

I cannot say that I will start at the beginning, when the beginning is relative to the examiner. What does that mean? If you believe, for example, that God (or a god) created all that we observe, then the question begs: who created God? Scientifically, it is the accepted model that the universe began from a collision of two atoms that met with such force that all else we see was created from that. Yet the question still begs: where did those two atoms come from? Therefore, the best way I know to explain my spiritual beliefs is to also throw out both of those concepts.

Let us pretend that all things have always existed. There have always been stars in the universe, as it were.

When a star of a certain size or larger exhausts all its fuel source (i.e. the hydrogen has all been fused into helium, and the helium into more complex atoms down the line), the star will swell, becoming a red giant. After many thousands of millennia, this red giant will suddenly shrink and then explode. This is known as a supernova. When the star explodes, all complex matter created within will be thrust into the surrounding space, creating a nebula. Nebulae are vast areas of space composed of dust and gases that then create more stars and planets. In this way, from death and destruction comes more life.

Likewise, in a biological sense, the same thing occurs here. When a human dies, the body decomposes, being consumed by microbes. These microbes are what make the soil fertile for plants. Plants are then consumed by higher lifeforms which are then consumed by humans. In geology, we learn that under the solid crust of the Earth is a veritable river of flowing magma. Occasionally, this magma finds its way to the surface by means of volcanic eruptions, tectonic movements, et al. The surfacing of this molten material is caustic and full of gases that are harmful for most life on our planet. One of the main gases released is carbon dioxide. In the great balance of our ecosystem, plants have adapted to utilize this carbon dioxide as an energy source. In a way, plants “breath in” this gas and “exhale” oxygen. Anyone with even the most basic biology knowledge understands that higher life forms require oxygen to survive. We see that even on our own planet, from death and destruction comes more life.

At this point, you may be wondering what all of this has to do with my spiritual beliefs.

As you might have guessed, I do not believe in a heaven or hell in the traditional sense of the words. I do believe in ghosts (of a sort), extrasensory perception, and homeopathy (alchemy).

Going back to biology, when an individual’s heart stops, how does the hospital staff restart it? With electricity. Likewise, we know that the brain sends electrical impulses down the spinal cord that tell the heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, etc. This tells us that humans are basically closed circuits of electrical impulses and signals. Likewise, our 8th grade physical science class taught us that all matter has mass and all things with mass have gravity. So, if you are floating in space, far from all other matter save for a pencil, say, eventually that pencil will be drawn to you because you exude a stronger gravitational field than it does. Now, visualize time as a cycle (or sphere, say), wherein the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

If the brain uses electrical impulses to send signals, some of those signals would be thoughts. On occasion, there are those humans that can pick up these signals from other brains, and thus you have telepathy as a scientific concept. If all matter has mass and thus gravity, then it isn’t too difficult to conceive that there would be those individuals that can manipulate (or focus) their own gravitational field, giving scientific credence to telekinesis. Likewise, when a human dies, the energy within their body, which was originally created within a star that went supernova, would not be gone simply because the body ceases to function. Rather, that energy is released back into the universe. Given this concept, it is not too difficult to imagine that some of that energy has burned into the matter around the individual, creating a static moment in time that repeats, giving rise the scientific concept of a residual haunting.

What does this have to do with the time as a cycle (or sphere)?

Imagine that you have this time sphere. All things, all points happening simultaneously. It would not be too out of the realm of reality to then imagine that there would be places (points) within this sphere where the barrier between where you exist in time versus where another exists in time could intersect. If the veil is thinner in some areas, then you have a scientific way to look at intelligent hauntings. Given this, intelligent hauntings would not be hauntings at all. Rather, they would be places within the sphere where one point in time can perceive (and in some cases, interact with) a different point.

In having evolved on this planet, all life has adapted to survive here. Since we know that all life relies on the great balance to survive, then we should not be surprised to find that all diseases that evolve here are also curable here. Therefore, all things are possible through homeopathy or herbal remedies. In the end, when taken back to their most basic ingredients, all medicines are created from herbs or minerals found on our own planet. And in returning to the energy within all living things, especially humans, if you believe that we can focus and manipulate this energy field, then you can understand why it is accepted in most paranormal circles that poltergeist type hauntings are usually caused by the negative energies of those that live within the home. Therefore, burning sage, seen often as a pagan custom or witchcraft, can truly rid a home of negative energy. When sage is burned, the air is cleaned of many bacteria and viruses, and the smell of burning sage is also said to be calming to the psyche.

Likewise, in focusing our energies in a negative way toward others, we can create a dark place around them. In a way, one could think of this as a curse. And because all matter vibrates, these vibrations could be perceived by those who are sensitive enough to do so. Thus, precognition and empathy are possible. In thinking of things in these ways, I see science and religion (spirituality) as intertwined subjects that walk hand in hand with one another.

For me, the fundamental belief is that our soul is the energy that resides within all of us. Heaven, in the typical Christian sense of the word, is then conceptualized as the cosmos. But this does not discount the possibility that this energy is not released into the cosmos, but rather returned to another womb where it is reborn. So, for me, we can either get to this new idea of heaven regardless of how we lived on Earth or be reborn (or reincarnated). And thus, the great cycle continues.

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