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Defusing Society

By Amy R. Babcock This story has been crossposted in It’s no secret that everyone, everywhere around the world seems to be antsy lately. It’s almost palpable in the air we breathe. No matter what your opinion, no matter the subject, there is someone you know that will argue the point with you. Everyone wants so badly to be

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My Birth

Painting by Frida Kahlo 1932 By Amy R. Babcock Originally written in college on March 14, 2006. This poetic monologue is my interpretation of her painting. Like a shroud, the sheet hides her innocence from view. Her arms are captive within. She cannot hold me. Her face is hidden from all under the white cotton. She pushes me forth and

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The Pride of the Prejudiced

By Amy R. Babcock Originally published in on May 29, 2019 Everywhere you turn, every page you read, it’s everywhere. Someone being judged based solely on their outside appearance. Rights being eroded, fairness being ignored, and still there are cries for lives that matter. But do they? All lives matter, except those of our children getting shot while in

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A Moment of Your Time

By Amy R. Babcock Originally written on February 10, 2019 Mired in mud Throw a rope, a twig, something, anything all this helpless hopeless striving stability token all seems so broken the teeth within reach but they’re dull no one, not one, anyone shhhhhhh the anger, they anger, no…. she oh, this cursed time of reflection backtrack the direction you

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